Review 360 - The Gift of Collaboration from Articulate 360

Review 360 – The Gift of Collaboration from Articulate 360

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Review 360 – The Gift of Collaboration from Articulate 360

Your content team can now easily share feedback when developing eLearning content using Articulate 360. This vital tool aids real time collaboration between subject matter experts, stakeholders and developers.

Review 360 allows content to be shared via a simple ‘easy to use’ web app. This tool is especially useful for those subject matter experts without the technical skills to provide critical feedback at relevant points of a developing program within the traditional Articulate framework.

It’s features include:

  • Easy collaboration on a course
  • Sharable Content Library
  • Live, Online Training to self-development with the tools
  • Flexibility to create the course as quick or as in depth as you need

How much storage space do I have for courses in Articulate Review 360?
If you have an individual subscription for Articulate 360, you have 150 GB of storage for Articulate Review content items and Rise courses. If you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, your team has unlimited storage space.
(Review 360 content items include everything you publish to Review 360 from Rise, Storyline, Studio, Replay, and Peek as well as video files you manually upload.)

When an Articulate 360 Teams seat is transferred from one user to another, what happens to the first user’s content in Review 360?
You get to choose what happens to their content, including their Review 360 projects. You can transfer their content to another team member, delete it, or do nothing with it.

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