Replay 360 Vs Peek 360

Replay 360 Vs Peek 360

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Replay 360 Vs Peek 360 – They are included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

Each of these two tools are value added in creating more meaningful learning experiences. These tools are able to record screencasts. However, if you’re after some editing capabilities for your recording, Replay 360 is what you need. Meanwhile, Peek 360 is the new technological advancements for recording quick screencasts. So you may be wondering what’s the difference between Replay 360 and Peek 360?

Replay 360

Replay 360 is the easiest way to create engaging training videos. It is an option if you need some editing capabilities for your recording which can publishes in MP4 format, so that you can use your screencasts anywhere. Import them into Storyline 360, Studio 360, and Rise 360, or upload them to your LMS.

To open Replay 360 you’ll need to go to the Desktop applications in Articulate 360:

Cut: removes a section of the recording and joins either end of the cut section.
Delete: removes a section of the recording but leaves a gap.
Split: separates the recording.
Silence: adds a section of silence or removes a section of audio not needed.

Let’s see what is great about Peek 360.

Peek 360

Peek 360 is a screen-recording application for Mac and Windows computers. It is intuitive , fast and easy to use, however there is no option for editing so basically after recording you can get something created and distributed quickly. Your screencast will automatically upload to Articulate 360 when you’re done recording and you can share feedback with Review 360 to your team within a glance! Simply download your video as an MP4 file or LMS package.

You can install Peek for Mac from the Mac App Store or Install Peek 360 for Windows by clicking the Install button in your Articulate 360 desktop app.

We would love you to register for a free trial to check out more of Articulate 360 features!

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use Replay 360?
Initially, you must be online to sign into the Articulate 360 desktop app, which allows you to install and use Replay 360. Thereafter, you can use Replay 360 offline up to 99 days at a time (or 60 days for free trials).

Peek 360 for Mac: Recording and Distributing Screencasts
Peek 360 is the fastest, easiest way to record screencasts on a Mac and Windows PC. Simply record your screen and narration. Your screencast will automatically upload to Review 360 when you’re done recording.
For Windows PC, you can collect feedback with Review 360 or download your video as an MP4 file or LMS package.

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