Bespoke eLearning Production

Bespoke eLearning Production

WLH creates RAPID Immersive Learning

World Learning Hub is a one-stop production house delivering bespoke eLearning programs according to your organisation’s policies, values and desired culture.
Customisation is flexible and can vary from simply inserting your logo through to dedicated characters and simulations using your staff and customers.

About World Learning Hub

We are an international Learning & Development company with a focus to bring effective learning to a diverse range of communities.

  • We create effective learning outside the box!
  • Everything we do is with a passion about learning. We believe that learning is a live long experience that always should be interactive, engaging and fun.
  • We have to understand how the human brain works to make effective learning possible.

Learning Solution and Methodology

Our learning solutions and key production methodologies are based on Cognitive Science, including Cognitive Load Theory.

This is paired with storytelling principles to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience designed to maximise comprehension and retention.

For our signature production methodologies Digital Stage and OPDTA (Operational Process Digital Training Animation) we use advanced process simulations and 2D/3D animations to enhance the learner’s experience and comprehension of soft skill training (behavioural change) and operational procedures.

WLH specialize in:

  • Digital Learning Consulting (including Learning Management Systems, LMS)
  • Instructional Design & Concepts
  • Advanced process simulations (OPDTA Operational Process Digital Training Animation)
  • 2D/3D Animation (include full animated movies)
  • Mobile learning solutions
  • Customised eLearning programs
  • Multimedia productions
  • Content services (consulting, research, shaping, development, delivery)
  • Consulting, distribution and support of Articulate © software
  • Articulate Software Centre Thailand
  • LMS (Learning Management Systems) development and adaption

Production Time

The time required to complete a bespoke eLearning production varies depending on a given project’s complexity. Most projects take between 3 and 6 weeks to produce from start to finish.

Technical Specs

Program Availability: for USA, Australia,
United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Thailand

Viewable on: iPad, Mac, Windows, Android

LMS: WLH's LMS or Customer's LMS

Additional Resources:

  • Information Library
  • Video Clips
  • Assessment & Activities
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