Bespoke eLearning Production

World Learning Hub

is a one-stop production house delivering bespoke eLearning programs
according to your organisation's policies, values and desired culture.

We transform your training needs into
efficient and interactive eLearning programs

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

  • Fulfil your training requirements
  • Adapted to your targeted audience
  • Reflects your organisation’s voice and branding
Train the right way

Train the right way

  • Focused and creative learning experiences based on client specific learning outcomes
  • Memorable learning experiences that engage and motivate

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose World Learning Hub

1. Excellent Content Service

World Learning Hub offers professional content creation services. We will work closely with you to develop your source information into an effective eLearning module. Benefit from the peace of mind that your content is in good hands. We will provide guidance and advice based on cognitive science (and fun!) every step of the way.

2. Stunning Animation and Engaging Scripts

The last thing you want is a boring eLearning course. We are dedicated to high-quality animations as well as engaging scripts, which relay real-life scenarios and evoke emotions. Taken together, World Learning Hub's professional animations and storytelling create memorable training courses - ones your employees won't forget.

3. Expertise in Cognitive Science

We are confident in our knowledge and implementation of cognitive science principles. Because we understand this interdisciplinary subject, our eLearning courses result in transmission of information from short term memory to long term memory.

We also believe in learning by doing. All eLearning modules are designed to be interactive and include these four key elements:

  1. Context
  2. Challenge
  3. Activity
  4. Feedback