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Articulate Studio 360

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Articulate Studio 360: Digging Deeper Into This Tool

Getting started with Studio 360, which includes Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, and Engage 360.

Find the perfect photos, illustrations, icons, and videos for your e-learning courses. Browse 4.5+ million Content Library 360 assets right from Presenter 360. All assets are royalty-free with no attribution required.

Presenter 360 Quizmaker 360 Engage 360

Now , let’s focus on key features here.

  • Presenter 360: Adding and Editing Content Library 360 Media, you can access them right from PowerPoint. learn more
  • Quizmaker 360: To add Content Library 360 media to a quiz, go to the Insert tab on the Quizmaker ribbon and click Characters, Photos, Illustrations, Icons, or Videos. learn more
  • Engage 360: Adding Content Library 360 Media to Your Interaction, select the step in your interaction where you want to add a photo, illustration, or video. You can customize its properties, such as position, size, and alternate text. How to build a simple circle diagram in Engage 360 let’s find out more!

Studio 360 makes it easy to transform PowerPoint slides into mobile and online courses. This tool create presentation-based courses quickly, easily adding assessments, interactions, and more to your slide-based e‑learning content.

While many eLearning designers are flocking to Articulate to have and hold all of the bright, shiny new applications like Storyline, Rise, etc., Articulate Studio 360 remains a pragmatic business solution that can produce micro-learning in a micro-second. But despite its usefulness, Studio 360 is often buried beneath the marketing for the other bright and shiny tools in Articulate 360. Studio 360 is listed as the 7th item in the Articulate 360 list.

Studio 360

In General
Studio 360 has a few great new features, but it is largely the same tool as Studio 13 and even Studio 9. On a high level, the new features include:

  • Articulate Review
  • Characters
  • Content Library
  • HTML5

One of Studio 360’s big improvements was to beef up their HTML5 publishing capabilities, and they were the first PPT-based tool to boldly offer to publish to HTML5 only.
They also have a responsive player, which means that the learner’s interface will change based on the device that he/she is using. Studio 360 also includes an option to publish to Articulate Review, which is a cloud-based area where the eLearn lesson displays along with an easy-to-use comment panel on the right.


  • Articulate Review is a truly great innovation that makes collaborative development infinitely easier.
  • Many, many characters to choose from – and the characters are very well integrated across all features in Studio 360.
  • Professionally designed layouts for slides and quizzes allow the non-graphical ID to produce slick looking content.
  • The Articulate community provides other helpful assistance from trouble-shooting to professional looking templates.
  • A responsive player is very helpful for learners who access lessons on various hardware devices.

Messages from our expert at WLH, If you are looking for the best PowerPoint-based eLearning tool, Studio 360 is probably not the top choice. However, it will be important to consider your potential need for an advanced eLearning dev tool such as Storyline or a web design tool such as Rise, because both of those come along with Studio 360. The choice is yours!

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Can I get a volume discount?
Yes, we’ll automatically apply a volume discount on Articulate 360 Teams accounts with five or more full-price seats at checkout. Get discount details

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