A Few Tips to Make Your eLearning Effective

A Few Tips to Make Your eLearning Effective

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A Few Tips to Make Your eLearning Effective

Effective e-learning needs to be engaging enough for learners to take the time for it, and also substantial enough for learners to recall and apply what they have learned later.

To make your eLearning program effective, there are a few tips to follow!

  1. Clear objectives come first. While constructing your course, you should start by setting clear learning goals and objectives to tell your learners what they will know and will be able to do when completed the program. Then you should create questions and activities corresponding to these objectives. Lastly, create content relevant to your questions to help learners answer them.
  2. Attract your learners with questions. Instead of constructing a course in old-fashioned setup (course title, navigations, objectives, lengthy introduction and so on), you can drop learners into the action by asking a question to provoke their thoughts and get their attention. After that, you can move to the main content of the course.
  3. Deliver practice in various formats. Practice helps them to remember by repetition of essential contents through different types of practices such as a short scenario video, how-to screencasts, interactive activities (like drag-and-drop or matching game) and quizzes.
  4. Communication with learners is important. Feedback between eLearning program and learners will help them to understand where they’re going wrong and how to improve it. Also, making a space for sharing ideas among the learners can reinforce their learning, and reflects how relevant and helpful your program is.
  5. Think about the importance of information. Prioritize your information by emphasizing need-to-know information right from the start. Then you can add some nice-to-know information that will not bulk your program too much.
  6. Make your information easy to take in. Here are some tips to achieve it.
    • Split your content into small chunks with short and straight-to-the-point paragraphs or sentences.
    • Course length shouldn’t be too long. It is recommended that the program should reach learning goals within 30 minutes, otherwise you should split it into a series of courses or multiple learning objectives.
    • Try to visualize important information into charts, infographics or other forms. It’s not only eye-catching for the learners, but also easier to remember information in the visual format than bulleted list of text.
    • Try connecting essential points in your course to real-world objects or situations to increase the chance the learners will remember them.

Apart from these tips, it’s a good idea to have easy-to-use yet effective authoring tools for your eLearning projects like Articulate 360. With a variety of tools for creating course slides, interactive contents, screencasts and quizzes, as well as 5+ million course assets available, you can create engaging eLearning courses as you wish!

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